Appendix B: A summary of TESL Canada Accredited TESL/TEFL Programs (from March 2004)3

Programs in B.C

Name Type Degree NNS requirements Experience Duration Tuition
Camosun College TEFL Certificate N

135 hrs. $2,775
Kwantlen University College CELTA Y

160 hrs. $2,300
Pan Pacific Int'l Eng. (Victoria) Diploma N TOEFL 500
240, 120 hrs. $2,699(240hrs)
$1,249(120 hrs)
Shane Global Village Eng. Centre (Van) CELTA N Native speaker level of English
4 wks $2,500
Trinity Western University TESL Certificate

30 sem. hrs.
Vancouver Community College TESOL Diploma Y TOEFL 550/213, 600/250 (Inservice) 2 yrs. (Inservice) 321 hrs. $3,080 (TESOL Dpm)
YMCA International College CELTA N a standard of English
4 wks $2,500
Univ. of British Columbia (Extension, English Language Institute) TESL Certificate Y
2 yrs 3wks (on-site) and 24 wks (online) $3,810
Univ. of Victoria Diploma Y major in English
1 yr (full-time)

Programs in the Prairies

Name Type Degree NNS requirements Experience Duration Tuition
Univ. of Calgary TESL MEd Y TOEFL 580/237 2 yrs

Univ. of Alberta TESL Diploma, MEd Y TOEFL 580/237 required for MEd 8 months(Dpm), 1.5-2 yrs(MEd)
Shane Global Village Calgary CELTA N

4 wks. $2,500
Univ. of Saskatchewan TESL/TEFL Certificate N TOEFL 550/213
250 hrs. $2,220 (local)
$3,300 (Int'l)
Providence College & Seminary TESOL Certificate and B.A Y High level of English
33 credit hrs(Cert.),
96 credit hrs.(B.A.)

Univ. of Manitoba (ConEd & Faculty of Education) TESL Certificate N Proof of Eng.
Proficiency on TOEFL

200 hrs. $1,766.25(local)

Programs in the Maritimes

Name Type Degree NNS requirements Experience Duration Tuition
Univ. of New Brunswick TESL Certificate not elicited
15 credits

International Language Institute CELTA N
N 4 weeks $2,300
Study Abroad Canada TEFL/TESL Certificate

150 hrs $1,250
Yukon College TESL Certificate

1/2 yr $2,500

Programs in Ontario and Quebec

Name Type Degree NNS requirements Experience Duration Tuition
Academy of Teaching & Training, Inc. TEFL Basic & TEFL/TESL Advanced. Y Proficient in English N 150hrs(TEFL)
Benns Int. Schools TESL Certificate Y TOEFL 250(CBT) N 310 hrs $3,495
CCLCS TESL Certificate N 155 hrs $2,800
Conestoga College TESL Certificate Y TOEFL 600 N 25 weeks $3,566.50
(higher for Int'l)
Coventry House Int. Trinity Cert TESOL
Y TOEFL 550/213 N 175 hrs(Trinity)
160 hrs(full-time)
160 hrs (part-time)
$925(local, 160hrs)
$1450(int'l, 160)
George Brown College TESL Certificate Y
N 1 year $3,850
Hansa Language Centre TESL Certificate
N 330 hrs $2,385
Int. Lang. Academy of Can. TESOL Certificate Y TOEFL 530/200 N 120 hrs $1,200
Language Studied Canada CELTA N N 140 hrs $2,300
Lang. Studies International CELTA Y N 10 weeks $2,300
ILSC-Toronto TESOL Certificate TOEFL 550/220 4 weeks $1,350
Lang. Studies International CELTA Y
N 10 weeks $2,300
London Language Inst. Inc. TESOL Certificate Y
N 120 hrs $1,500
Robinson Ling. College TESL Diploma TOEFL 530 N 300 hrs $2,800
Seneca College TEFL/TESL Diploma Y TOEFL 250(CBT) N 6-12 months $2,500
SpringHills Ed. Centre TESL Certificate Y Canadian Benchmark 9 N 132 hrs $1,250
Tams College TESL Diploma Y
N 240 hrs $2,300
Univ. of Tor. Woodsworth TESL Certificate Y
N 8 months (full-time) $4,150.96 (local)
$10,000.63 (int'l)
Academie Ling. Internationale TEFL/TESL Certificate

150 hrs $1,250
N 4 weeks $2,200

NNS: non-native speaker of English

CELTA: Cambridge certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults

TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language

Dpm: diploma