Table 1

Indicators of College Research Output

Output Category Indicator Metric
Institutional Outputs Student involvement
  • Number of students
  • Number of student projects
Faculty involvement
  • Number of engaged faculty
  • Number of faculty projects
Enhanced educational experience
  • Learning objectives met through project-based delivery
  • Research integrated into curriculum
  • Real-world problem-solving activities
Highly Qualified Personnel
  • Graduates in the workforce using research-related skills
  • Satisfaction of employers
College investment in research infrastructure
  • Budget allocations
  • Administrative positions
  • Research training
Enhanced reputation
  • Recruitment of research-oriented students and faculty
  • Dissemination activities (publications, workshops, conference presentations)
  • Recognition and awards
Spirit of discovery
  • Levels of interest and participation
  • Recognition of student/faculty achievement
  • Critical mass for future growth
Social and Economic Outputs Awareness of college research capacity
  • Approaches from industry and community organizations
  • Industry and community problems addressed
Collaborative partnerships
  • Linkages and partnerships with other stakeholders
  • Increased R&D investment
  • Revenue sharing
Commercialization and Technology Transfer
  • Improved products, services
  • Adoption of new technologies
  • Increased productivity, sales, competitiveness
  • Patents, licenses, royalties
Client Satisfaction
  • Increased client capacity
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • KPIs