Appendix A
Participants' Educational Backgrounds.

Pseudonym Education before joining college Industry/other work prior to instructing at college influencing teaching Additional formal education since joining the college
Arlene B.A. (Applied Linguistics), PDP (Elementary School)   PID
Bret B.Sc. (Math, minor in Comp Sci & Phys), Diploma (Electrical Eng.) Engineering  
Don B.A. (Math), M.Sc. (Theoretical Physics), Ph.D. (Math)    
Franklin B.Sc. (Biology), M.Sc. (Zoology), B.Ed.    
Gert B.A. (Therapeutic Recreation and Adult Education) Computer programming PID
Harvey B.A. (Psychology, minor in English and Math), B.Ed.    
Jose B.Sc. (Chemistry and Biochemistry), M.Sc. (Geology) Geology consulting, conference organizer  
Lee B.Sc. (Engineering)    
Ophelia B.A. (Math, minor in French), PDP, M.Sc. (Math)   Ph.D. (Candidate)
Philippe B.A. (English Lit. with courses in science), M.A. (Theology) Tutoring  
Vince B.Sc. (Engineering Mechanics and Materials) Mining industry Certificate: Comp. programming, M.A. (Ed.)
Whitney B.Sc. Honours (Math, minor Comp Sci), B.Ed., M.Ed.