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College Quarterly
Fall 2015 - Volume 18 Number 4
Farewell to the CQ!
By Katharine Janzen

It has been my distinct privilege, initially as Publisher, then as Senior Editor of the College Quarterly (CQ), to provide leadership for this publication for the past twenty-two years. But, in the admonition of Dr. Seuss to Marvin K. Mooney, “The time has come, the time is now”… to pass that privilege on to others who will bring fresh energy, ideas and creativity to this impactful academic journal!

As I stated in the 20th Anniversary issue in Fall 2013 (Vol.16, No.4), “The College Quarterly is a unique enterprise; (it was) the first Canadian quarterly academic journal devoted to the improvement of college education.” Contributing to the scholarship of teaching and learning in postsecondary education - not only in the Ontario and Canadian colleges, but also internationally has always been the passion and goal of all of the members of the numerous editorial Boards of the CQ over these many years. And, based on the feedback we receive from our attentive readers from time to time, collectively we can be justifiable proud of attaining a measure of success in achieving that worthy goal!

First and foremost, thank-you to all those authors over the years, who risked scholarly critique of their work by submitting their manuscripts for publication in The College Quarterly. Without you there would have been no CQ!

My heartfelt thanks go to all current and past Advisory and Editorial Board members--too numerous to recognize here--to whom I am forever grateful for their volunteer contributions of countless hours, effort and energy expended to make the CQ what it is today. Without their commitment and hard work, the CQ would not exist! It has been such a privilege and joy to work with all of you! I owe a special thanks to Professor Howard Doughty who worked with me to initiate the CQ way back in 1993, and who has been a member of the Editorial Boards ever since, and who has been the most prolific contributor to the journal, through his thought-provoking (and at times controversial) book reviews in each issue, and through original articles from time to time, which continue to generate scholarly discussions, as evidenced in the feedback we receive from readers.

My heartfelt thanks go out as well to the Production Staff at Seneca College who have worked diligently to make each issue of the journal come alive on the Internet – and to Seneca College for their continuing support, as publishers of the journal.

And finally, I extend a warm welcome to the new leaders of the CQ. With the Winter 2016 issue, Seneca Deans, Jean Choi (Academic Quality) and Michael Maynard (Communications, Art and Design) take over the responsibility for The College Quarterly. I hope you enjoy this responsibility as much as I have and I look forward to a new and improved version of the journal!

1Dr. Seuss (1972), Marvin K. Mooney, Will You Please Go Now? New York: Random House Inc.