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Under Seneca’s leadership The College Quarterly was established in 1993 in response to an identified need for informed discussion of issues particularly relevant to the colleges in Ontario. Generous funding support from the Association of Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology in Ontario (ACAATO) enabled the publication of the CQ in hard copy from 1993 to 1997 and distribution (free of charge) of several hundred copies to each of the Colleges of Applied Arts & Technology (CAATs) in Ontario, and at a nominal subscription fee to individual and organizational subscribers.

Because of the high cost of print publication, the end of ACAATO funding, and limited resources, the CQ moved to an on-line format after 1997. At that time, we also attempted to make it a truly provincial initiative by establishing regional editorial boards, regrettably with limited success. Unfortunately, there was a hiatus in the publication of the CQ: the last issue published in 1998 was in Spring, 1998 but publication resumed with the Fall 2003 issue.

In 2003, full responsibility for publication of the CQ was assumed by the Associate Vice President, Research & Innovation, Seneca College. A new Internal Advisory Committee was established and the scope of focus of the CQ broadened to include college education from a national perspective. In addition, the web site was reconstructed and relocated at:

Archived issues of the old format of the College Quarterly are currently located at: but will be integrated into the re-constructed site as soon as possible.


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